Aristotle said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” not knowing how accurate his quote would be 2500 years later. 

The RADEX project members fully agree that knowledge sharing, critical thinking and evaluation of information received, are key to empower our youth and build their resilience skills when confronted with radicalisation or extremist behaviours and information. 

As part of our work, we have set up a Scrutiny Panel comprised of seven external experts, who will share their knowledge and expertise in favour of our results. Following a rigorous selection process, we are happy to announce the following panel members:

  • Mrs. Asmahan El Mokhtari from the UK (Educational Engineer in e-Training)
  • Mrs. Jennifer Robson from the UK (Sociologist)
  • Mrs. Stella Papamichail from Greece (Sociologist / Criminologist)
  • Mr. Chrysovalantis Sfyrakis from Greece (IT Specialist)
  • Mrs. Maria Georgiou from Cyprus (Criminologist)
  • Mr. Ferhat Goktepe from Belgium (Sociologist)
  • Mr. Yanis Lammari from France (Youth Worker)

The Scrutiny Panel meets during specific periods in the project to discuss project results. The final three, generated summary reports will be published here. 

Minutes of the first meeting

Download the minutes of the first meeting:

Minutes of the second meeting

Download the minutes of the second meeting: