The Project

Why this project? 

According to the Radicalisation Awareness Network, “fighting terrorism and violent extremism involves more than surveillance and security….The most effective prevention strategies

stop people from getting involved in violent extremism or acts of terrorism in the first place”. We couldn’t agree more! This project aims at targeting the prevention of the radicalization process in youth (16-24), but goes as far as to help towards fighting the indoctrination process which starts at even younger ages. The RADEX project believes that empowering youth, up-skilling youth workers and other related professionals working with youth, but also stimulating their critical thinking, will provide them the capacity and power to identify and comprehend different types of online radicalisation processes. 

Whom are we targeting? 

The RADEX project targets primarily young people, youth workers, social workers, youth organisations and any other professional working with youth. 

What will we produce? 

Through the research that will be conducted in six different European countries, the collection of real data through interviews and in-depth analysis of targeted media, the RADEX project and partners will create a full suite of educational resources and information on youth radicalisation processes. An online training platform will be available containing all e-training modules, a video showcasing how, when and where different types of radicalization processes may take place, thus, empowering and fortifying their defenses. Our training can be accessed at any time from any place and because it is modular, can be integrated within existing training delivery by the different target groups. 

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Project Objectives

RADEX came to support several groups of people such as young people and teenagers as well as people whose work is related to youth, such as teachers, youth workers, youth organisations, etc. on how to identify, prevent and counter violent radicalisation. 

In particular, this project will create the context in which people will be able to identify, prevent and divert violent radicalisation and extremism of young people. Through a new platform of educational resources based on radicalisation, RADEX aims to raise awareness among people in local, national and EU levels. The project outcomes and other deliverables will help professionals working closely with young people to enhance young people’s critical thinking, alertness, and vigilance. 

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Project Deliverables

The project deliverables are categorised in two parts. 

In part 1, the project team will create a methodological guideline of the research focused on violent radicalisation of youth in Europe, either online or offline. The research includes a range of research methods, such as interviews, questionnaires and literature review. The collected data/findings will be then gathered and presented in a transnational report translated in every partner’s language. Furthermore, data will be used for the creation of the 2nd part. 

In part 2, project will create educational materials about radicalisation processes, warning signs and other indicators available to everyone who is interested and accessed online.  The educational resources will be in an e-learning platform in the form of interactive e-modules including tests, quizzes and evaluations.