Expected results

RADEX is focusing on short-term results and long-term results. First, under the umbrella of the project objectives a new partnership will be grouped together with professionals from 6 different countries (UK, France, Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Belgium). During the project timeline the consortium will be met in person in 4 transnational meetings around Europe. The project team will design and implement the methodological guidelines needed for the creation of the educational recourses. These recourses will be based on the research findings regarding violent radicalisation and will be a full suite of e-modules accompanied with a simulation video. 

Furthermore, RADEX is looking forward to the expected long-term results of the project. A few of these are to raise awareness on critical matters such as radicalisation and enhance young’s people proactiveness in online social communication and behavior. In addition, people through the educational materials will be equipped in order to help and educate young people on topics related to violent radicalisation and how to detect, prevent and counter. 

The outcomes will get updated with new information and data for at least two years after the project is completed, if this is necessary and is deemed to enhance the project’s results in the long-term. All the outcomes will be available online to access and download by young people, youth workers, social workers, front-line practitioners, but also the general public.