The RADEX Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) in Cyprus: an inspiring event

This event took place on several days and was meant to train partners on youth radicalisation and to give a final update of the level of progress of the work related to the project. Having just concluded this training, we are pleased to share the results of this exciting event!

In the premises of our partner Synthesis in the heart of Cyprus in Nicosia, we had a series of theoretical courses, discussions and activities, all centered on the theme of youth radicalisation. 

This time started with a workshop of expression and dialogue around the notion of radicalisation, its main components and its different types. All participants, two from each consortium member organisation and others invited by our host, Synthesis, were able to speak up and share their experiences and knowledge on the subject. Then, they then asked themselves about the positive approach towards prevention of violent radicalisation, a theory that has governed the design of the online course we have been preparing for months. This reminder led to exciting discussions on the topic of radicalisation, which our interest in this subject brought us together during these few days. 

As the LTTA was also organized to present each module to the other partners, all were invited to present their work, directly in face-to-face “class” conditions. The people who were present expressed their observations and remarks, allowing final adjustments to the modules, which will be put online shortly. Each module presentation was concluded by a workshop or a participative activity, where the participants evaluated their own resilience capacities, updated the stereotypes they were subject to in their everyday life, learned to recognise the first signs of youth radicalisation. 

This event represented the last meeting of partners before the release of the course and was a perfect opportunity to share thoughts on the project as a whole, enabling participants to enter the last phase with ease and enthusiasm.