The RADEX team met in Brussels

On the 5th of October (finally!) we had the chance to hold our first in-person meeting in Brussels. It gave us the opportunity to assess the project’s progress and to further focus on its objectives. We agreed on the fact that we all want to bring a more positive approach to youth radicalisation and change the narrative around it. In fact, the current common approach to youth violent radicalisation often revolves around the detection of warning signs rather than youth empowerment, which is what we believe it is important to focus on.

What’s next?

First, we want to further develop our research and data collection on online and offline youth violent radicalisation in our target countries (the UK, France, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus). It will allow us to work efficiently on pedagogical tools and to design a methodological framework for the creation of educational resources and materials that inform, educate and deconstruct the beneficiaries’ bias.

The following step will be the development of an online platform that will include a broad collection of materials such as modules on youth violent radicalisation and practical exercises to help youth educators work on the skills and capacities youth can develop to divert from violent radicalisation.

In December, we will publish the country reports and the overall report on youth violent radicalisation in our target countries. Keep following us for the next updates!

The RADEX project team in Brussels, 5th October 2021